This air is so clean

I gone and won the national champion bodybuilder the last two years. When it pertains to my gym life, I take the idea very seriously. Since my workout is basically my job and living, I need to take that seriously or someone else will beat me. I’ve grown to like my lifestyle, but there are some things that really make us in the gym world mad. It makes it incredibly hard generally if the gym is full of losers that don’t even know how to workout properly. If you’re fat or scrawny, I’ll respect that you’re in the gym trying to better yourself. But if you arrived at the gym to take pictures and screw off, please stay out of my way. Soon, I hope to have my own private gym so I can get my workout in daily and not have to worry about the distractions. The other day I went to my gym and I figured that the air conditioner had broken. The gym doors were wide open. As I pulled up the owner came out to apologize to me. I just went straight home. If the air isn’t perfect in the gym it just ruins the full work out. The gym owner really ought to constantly monitor the heating and cooling. The furnace can’t be too high and the air conditioner has to be just right. I have one or two friends in an HVAC Company, so when I open my gym I’ll consult them before doing anything. I just need to win an additional competition to be able to afford to start building. But until then I’ll be visiting whatever gym has the best quality of air conditioning.air-filter

I’m hoping for a new air conditioner

This past July, my washing machine finally quit for good. While I didn’t want to spend the money on a new washer, I saw it no choice. The delivery men arrived with my washer on the hottest day of the year. Since my laundry room can be on the second floor entrance, moving appliances in and out is kind of a challenge. They needed to remove the old washing machine, carry the new one up the stairs, and then properly installed. The staircase is quite steep and narrow, and it took a long time for them to maneuver the bulky appliances. Sadly, they kept entering and exiting my house and leaving the door wide open. I have a central air conditioning unit around my house, and the outside temperature is in the nineties. The weather was brutal, and my air conditioner had been blasting at maximum capacity all week. On every occasion the delivery men opened my door, my air conditioned surroundings literally blew right outside. I finally needed to shut the air conditioner off, and let the house heat up. I felt sorry for the guys moving the washer. I’m sure the men would have loved to feel the cool air from my air conditioner. By the time my new washer was put in, my house was horribly hot and humid, and there were a lot of flies inside. As soon for the that delivery men left, I changed the thermostat, cranked up the air conditioner, and got out a fly swatter. I am happy with my new washing machine, but I wish my old one had not broken down in July.

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This heater will do wonders for me

During the summer months, I am working, healthy, and happy. I keep myself busy with a variety of activities from gardening to active tennis. I even host barbecues on occasion. On a daily basis, I like to swim every morning, carry out regular housework and lay under the sun whenever possible. I don’t utilize air conditioning in my house, due to the fact that I absolutely love the comfy temperatures; I don’t even mind when temperatures climb into the nineties. The only negative of this, however, is that the heavy and intense humidity makes it hard to breathe. However, I am just  happy and optimistic for the blue skies and bright sun, and I wish it can last forever. Unfortunately, the summer season is fairly short in region of my country. By September, it’s already turning colder while days get shorter. Before it is even snowing we get into the habit of starting up the furnace. At that point, I know that I can be stuck inside for months at a time. There will be no glimpse of sun, and I will count on the furnace for survival. When the furnace runs constantly, the air in the house gets much too dry. The dry air causes me to experience dry, itchy skin, a chapped mouth, and frizzy hair. I pay an income in monthly gas bills, seeking to keep warm, and I am usually bored out of my mind. I don’t dare schedule any activities, because of icy roads that can be super dangerous. I just sit around and watch for spring to finally arrive and try to never set a foot outside. When I have to go out, I usually bundle up in a million layers of sweaters, hats, and gloves and run as fast as I can  to my car, in order to allow the heater run so that my car becomes toasty and all ice melts away.

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A/C problems stink

I am very conscientious about keeping a good clean and organized house. I get excited when it’s time for the spring cleaning season. I usually spend hours and exhaust myself when I am scrubbing floors, washing windows, laundering curtains and bedsheets, and shampooing the green area rugs. I clean out and coordinate every closet, shelf, and cabinet. I also take apart my appliances and clean lint traps, filters, and every component I can safely access. Last spring, I managed to get a little carried away, and took my air conditioner apart. As opposed to leaving the cleaning to HVAC professionals, I went after the air conditioner with a screwdriver, wash brush, and vacuum cleaner. I was meticulous about scrubbing the fan blades. The fan was coated in dust, disgustingly unclean dirt, and I was so proud of my cleaning. Unfortunately, when I was finished, I realized that I’d severely bent those delicate freakout blades. I did my best to straighten them out, and position the air conditioner back together. As I started it up, the system made a horrible disastrous sound. I ended up calling my local HVAC contractor and scheduled service. My HVAC technician also attempted to straighten out the fan blades, but it was no use. My cleaning efforts resulted in a fortune out of my bank account. I had to cover the money necessary for the service call, the replacement unit fan, and labor to handle the installation. From now own, I will leave the upkeep of my air conditioner in the hands of the professionals. Although I will always be tempted in cleaning the furnace, I have learned my lesson and will absolutely scheduled maintenance from an HVAC worker.

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I need my home perfect!

I’ve worked diligently within the White House for over ten years working on a special maintenance team for the president. The requirements of the job involve updating the White House with the most recent of equipment, and, above that, ensuring that the new equipment brought in does not pose a threat to the present’s safety. An important factor when making changes is the cleanliness and smell of the room, which must remain professional at all times. The oval office recently received a new HVAC system. The first step in the process of installing it was meeting with a satellite HVAC business. Most of the time we go about ordering the needed equipment through an external HVAC company. Once the equipment arrives, it is inspected for safety hazards. Once given the all-clear it can be brought inside and installed. The new installed HVAC system was ductless, to help with any smells. The air conditioner is equipped with a built-in filter. No, the whole HVAC unit can filter the environment and test the air’s temperature. Also installed in the HVAC system is a zone control unit that tests the air throughout the White House every hour. The systems installed in the White House must be extremely advanced with the potential to detect even the smallest traces of chemicals to alert everyone of a potential terrorist attack. There are also special lockdown procedures that makes the furnace and air conditioner hook up to a secret location to filter in fresh air. This system can comfortably maintain the White House during a lockdown for months. It’s a huge responsibility to take care of the president’s heating and cooling.

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My furnace is giving me lots of issues

Last winter we had an insane week of snow and ice. Our town doesn’t employ snow plows or salt trucks, since we don’t regularly deal with storms of this size, so the roads don’t get cleared and everything sort of closes for a while. We’re all stuck at home until the snow melts. The waiting can be agonizing. Getting to school or work is out of the question, and snow chains are essentially pointless when everything in the area is shut down because of the bad weather. During that one winter storm, I noticed that the back of the house, back where my room was, wasn’t being heated properly. It was odd since everywhere else stayed really nice and warm. I made a call to our local HVAC tech to check it out, but they said it would take them a few days. While I waited for the appointment I got by by using a space heater and some extra blankets, but they didn’t block out the cold very well. The tech was able to drive to our house a few days later, and got to work right away. He checked the furnace, wiring, ductwork, and thermostat for problems, and located a couple issues in the system. The ductwork in our home required cleaning and needed to be resealed in a few places, and the fan needed fixed since it was making the furnace shut down before the house was warmed. He repaired the fan right then and there, and returned a few days later to take care of the ductwork. The heat in our house felt like it was working 300 percent better after he was done. The electricity bill each month was also much cheaper than before as a result of the new efficient heating.

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Easy HVAC repairs

Just one summer ago, I had a fantastic party at my apartment complex. It had been my girlfriend’s birthday, so I desired to surprise her with an event that she would never forget. Her birthday is in June, but I started planning for her party months in advance. You can never start too early, when organizing a wonderful party. Her birthday then came around and coincidentally, our area got hit with one of the hottest and most humid spells of weather that we have ever seen. Needless to say, our HVAC unit was running at maximum capacity for hours on end. The morning of the party was one of the most humid days on record, around my area. I was walking by the kitchen, when I heard a loud “bam! ” noise. I looked out my window and to my horror, the air conditioning system was smoking! I quickly ran outside and tried to begin the repairs. I am not any HVAC technician, but I was good with tools. I had repaired my furnace over the winter, but the air conditioning unit was proving to be more difficult. The party was gonna start and there was a faulty unit. I was running short on time, so I did the thing that I could do: I called a nearby HVAC business. Amazingly, my air conditioner was serviced inside an hour. I couldn’t believe my eyes, because that was the fastest repair that I ever heard of. This will be the last time I try to repair an HVAC unit.

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Should we get air ducts

A second husband and I decided to launch a fresh start together. We both ended up married before, had kids and there were our own homes. We decided what the right thing to do was to get one home together. We wanted a traditional log cabin style home. The problem ended up being, our dream home did not exist. So what we did was made it from scratch. In the meantime we had to live in a trailer with the kids all crammed together. That time was difficult with showers, toilet time and temperature control. We all managed though and ended up with a great home. Since we’d the house newly built, we’re able to get any HVAC unit people wanted. We had a HVAC technician come into play and install ductwork into our house. When the ductwork is installed inside initial installation, all goes far better. Our air conditioner will experience not as many problems. The HVAC ducts are less likely to crack and get damaged right after they are installed with the property. For heating, we really treated ourselves. We looked at a hydronic heating system for the home. What this means is there’s a boiler in our basement. The boiler heats our home’s water and provides water for our radiant flooring. We have piping all inside our floorboards throughout the house. Everywhere the piping extends, the warm water travels through. This gives us heated floors for the  winter time.  It was worth the time frame we spent in the trailer to get the HVAC systems we really wanted for our home.

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This HVAC works well

My boyfriend is actually obsessed with the idea associated with owning a tiny house. He desperately wants to purchase a tiny home and move in it. He is a bit cheap, so I think he likes saving money. We would have no space for any kind of furniture, so we wouldn’t have to buy much. Basically a little home is one room. A bed is situated above your kitchen. I could hand him toast while he’s in bed. The bathroom is literally directly behind you in your kitchen. That is about it for a tiny home. It sounds like a horror movie to me. I am not the type of girl who lives in a little home. My boyfriend keeps pressuring the savings idea. He thinks we helps you to save money on electric, water, heating together with cooling. It does make sense that we would not need to use as much HVAC service at all. We really would only need one small air conditioner for the summer. Probably a ductless mini split air conditioner works. It could easily cool the little home to the right environment. In the winter we cannot put in a furnace as well as a boiler. We could not pay for the space. Really what we must do is use a small house heater. The space heater is usually strategically placed all around some of our tiny home. It would be similar to crap, but we would get a better price on energy bills. I really do not care about the money though. I would pay more to experience central air conditioning, a gas furnace and then a normal sized home.

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Learn about temperature regulation

Playing hockey as a little one, I remember the smell whenever you walked into an ice rink. It has the scent of new ice, new sweat and then an odor of freshly sharpened skates. I can remember the feeling within when I saw a clean sheet of ice. The feeling of the cold metal bleachers inside air conditioning by the rink. What I remember most about hockey is all the temperatures though. All the smells are not as important as the temps. When you play hockey, you’re going to get cold. Coming to the rink you are prepared for any A/C. The locker rooms have been the worst. You would be cold with the outside weather and then would change in a freezing locker room. Taking off your clothes and gaining slightly damp equipment was not really great. The locker rooms can’t have a heater in them though. They were usually right by the ice. The rink needs to be a climate controlled environment. The ice needs to stay hard and cold for game time. Once I was upon the ice and skating, I was the right temperature. I was thankful for the heavy A/C because of this equipment my game was possible. The pads get heavy and hot after a time. Skating and playing makes you sweat as well as the cold ice is a pain relief. After the game, the frozen locker sites were a relief. If the they were at all heated, I probably would have fainted.

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