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I work entirely from the house, and complete all of my projects online. It gets a bit lonely being in a building with no one but my own cat for company. Yesterday, I decided to head out there to a coffee shop for the day. I packed up my laptop and everything that was essential for my day, and settled with a table inside. Because the outside temperature was in the upper seventies with a challenging level of humidity, sitting outside was not an option. I worked for about ten minutes before I realized that the air conditioning was going to be a problem. The air conditioning had been cranked up so high, we wanted to shiver. I had to sit down elsewhere, but it wasn’t enough to help you warm me up. I didn’t want to reject my coffee or my plan. I tried moving to a new table, but no matter at which I sat, all I felt was the air conditioner. I finally drank my coffee and drove home. My home office is always the ideal temperature and wonderfully comfortable. I use a smart thermostat that I’m able to adjust from my phone. I don’t even leave my desk to turn the air conditioning up or  down. I can even regulate that fan speed, level of humidity, and amount of ventilation. Although this is the bit lonely sometimes, I get much more accomplished when I am sitting inside at my desk, in my temperature controlled office. I listen to the music I favor, make my coffee the way I like it, and set my thermostat just right.

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My grandfather is quite possibly the coldest person I may possibly have ever met. He is always freezing. It can be 87 degrees outside and he would honestly be mowing the yard while having a sweater on. My grandmother is also cold natured, but not at the extreme like my grandpa. Those cold natured habits make visiting them quite difficult. When you get to their house you walk around and immediately feel overheated. They set the thermostat on 80 degrees many times. There have been times where it’s set on 85. They are in the southern region where the wetness is bad. So walking into the house when it is 90 outside and a stuffy sixty degrees inside is terrible. Because, they’re always cold and the air conditioner infrequently runs. The air is stuffy at best. There is nothing circulating air so the humidity and heat just stay in the air. On the rare occasion that there may be AC running it moves mid-air around some but with their thermostat set so high an air conditioner does little to zero good. When a large category of family comes they occasionally could adjust the thermostat to seventy-five. When they do that we can easily all tell the air conditioner is spending so much time attempting to cool the house down. It runs constantly for hours trying to bring the temperature down 5-10 degrees fahrenheit. Even when the AC is running as well as the house is cool- the air is hard and stale. When the A/C finally offers the house cool temperatures, it is time with regard to company to leave and they turn the thermostat back up to 80 degrees.

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My grandmother requires more assistance with her day to day activities, as she’s been getting older. She gets cold very easily inside the mornings. If the temperature ends up too reduced in the spring and fall, and in the event the furnace isn’t on, then this lady isn’t comfortable. It’s a difficult task for her to get straight from her chair, to adapt the thermostat. She won’t really ever go out, and move in with my spouse and me. We usually have a companion sit with her within the evenings, but during the day she’s sometimes by herself. My wife and I honestly believe that she will fall if perhaps she tried to get around too often. After speaking with my friend who installs air conditioners to get his work, we researched a clever thermostat. This special thermostat is usually controlled by a remote influence, so Grandmother honestly doesn’t have to get up as much. In that morning when she awakes and additionally feels a chill, she incorporates the use of the remote to adjust the actual temperature. If she is way too cold, she can turn over the furnace by turning up that specific temperature. If she is too warm inside the summer afternoons, she can switch on the air conditioning, without ever leaving the couch. Since we’ve had an HVAC company come install the revolutionary thermostat, my grandmother is much more cheerful, and I haven’t heard her complain about the cold mornings even once. It was a great addition to enhance her existing HVAC unit. It didn’t cost too much of our income, and she has been enjoying the comfort. I think we are going to have one installed at our dwelling, soon.

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My electric bills are excessively high. I live in a rental, and I know the HVAC system is new and well maintained, yet my bill stay really high. So, I called my dad for advice. It seems that my problem is a result of touching my thermostat too much. I try to keep this set at seventy-eight degrees and keep my fans on, like my father cautioned me, but, I admit that I adjust the temperature a reasonable amount. When I clean house, the thermostat gets turned down to seventy-two. When I finish yard work, the thermostat gets turned to sixty-five. Before my husband comes back home from working construction all daytime, the thermostat gets turned onto seventy-five for some hours. During winter, the thermostat is generally set at sixty-eight, but gets turned up to seventy-five every night prior to baths. My father explained to me that changing the thermostat frequently causes the HVAC unit to work harder more often, causing my electric bill to skyrocket. So, as a concession, I set the thermostat at seventy-six degrees, and leave it there. I now jump in a very cool shower immediately after executing yard work, and we are all now aware of a slight chill when we get rid of the bath. It hasn’t destroyed us. My HVAC system is no longer so stressed and my electric bills are a lot better.

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My sister is known well for being cheap. She is actually like that her entire life. Friends and family alike are accustomed to her penny-pinching ways, though, also now we all just expect the habit. We always thought that her excessive caution over money would definitely get her into trouble at some point. Sure enough, it did. Her HVAC system was having some issues a couple of months ago. The air conditioning would not first start up and when she tried the heat just to see what happened, she found that it had not been working, either. She lived in an old refurbished home and the HVAC system was nearly thirty years of age. It was amazing it had hung on for that long and was long overdue for a new one. But my sister is economical so instead of purchasing completely new HVAC system from a proficient HVAC company with qualified HVAC technicians who could handle the installation, she found a used one online that she acquired from a random stranger. Then she tried hiring someone off the street to handle the installation for her! She told me that she got the HVAC system for a hundred dollars and paid the man off the street twenty dollars to set it up. It did not go properly. Surprise, right? The HVAC system was decrepit and the man off the street was completely clueless. After all that, I tried convincing her to get hold of a legitimate HVAC company so she could get in touch with someone who was qualified to help her select and install an alternative HVAC system, but I really do not think she listened to me. Who knows what plan she’ll come up with next to avoid wasting a little money. All I know is that her HVAC system is still broken and currently, she is out one hundred and twenty dollars.

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My room is in shambles

My old friend purchased a house on the outskirts of the city just last month. She was excited to move in and make her mark on it. She spent endless hours at the home improvement stores just selecting new windows, doors, and paint colors for her home. It seemed like she was spending a great deal money on simply the cosmetic improvements, and that worried me about the structure of her home. I remember when we first decided to buy our own home, my husband had contacted an HVAC company to provide an energy assessment. He wanted to be sure that our HVAC system was perfectly up to code and working. We learned that we needed to make some adjustments to keep the system working properly. We added one or two zones in our home and upgraded the ductwork. I mentioned this to my old friend, but she was too concentrated on what color to paint her new kitchen at the time. I hope that she does not ever run into problems in the bitter winter when she will be depending on the HVAC unit to stay warm. It is always awesome to make everything look fresh and cutting edge, but what lies beneath can be ugly if anything needs repairs. If major repairs have to be done, then some of her walls may have to be opened, some floors might need to be drilled into, and some other actions to fix it. That would make a total mess of her fresh paint job. I am with my husband: it’s more important to keep up the “bones” of the house than the cosmetic look more often than not. Regardless, I hope she has many years of happiness in her new home.

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I was a cheerleader as a young girl all the way through high school. I always loved it and I loved that my mom was the coach. She was an amazing coach because she really went above and beyond. We always had awesome uniforms with knee length socks and hand made ribbons. The best was that she always sent us to cheer camp over the summer for about four days to a week. It was very intense together with a great learning experience. I have many memories but probably the strongest memory was the void of air conditioning. There was no A/C in the cabins or several facilities. How could they do this? We would all do very intense stunts where we  would toss girls into the air and catch them. I was a sweaty mess every day. A decent amount of AC would have lowered some of the risks. I would have been better able to catch my flyer as she fell. Temperature control would have been great. A lot of girls became overheated during camp.  Some got really sick. If there was air conditioning, this wouldn’t have happened. Honestly Looking back I really think A/C was the most important part. Sleeping at night was impossible and we always had to get up early to start each day. At night we needed to sleep but the heat made it impossible. I wonder if the camp ever got central air conditioning in the cabins.

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Ever notice how well the Internet knows what you purchase online. Example, a few years ago I bought sunglasses for my father for his birthday. Almost immediately, I kept getting advertisements for sunglasses. It was endless ads of sunglasses becoming pushed on me. Seriously, I bought the sunglasses. Why would I go and buy another pair? The internet knows what you search for and they try to get you interested. Instead, it usually makes me think maybe I really don’t need the thing. So one day, my ductless micro split air conditioner just stopped working. I had a HVAC tech come by and look at it and told me it was broken, like for good and I needed to replace it. He wanted to do a replacement right then and there. I decided to wait a little bit and research online. I want to check out if I maybe want something new. Who knows? I have been checking out new air conditioners for awhile now, but every time I hop online to do something else, tons of air conditioning ads show up. I am done with pictures of cooling systems following me everywhere because I wanted to look around for cooling devices, I’d look for them myself. If I’m planning a trip or looking at books or DVDs, I do not want air conditioner ads bothering me. Unfortunately, even if I purchase an A/C unit, the ads probably won’t go away. How long will I be forced to see air conditioner ads after I’m finished? It’s almost like punishment for buying a new cooling system. Maybe the online shopping spirits want me to quit stalling and get one.

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Waiting for the wedding

We just uncovered three days ago that our second daughter is engaged to be married. This is very exciting however we just finished with our other daughter’s marriage. Our older daughter carries a much different plan for the wedding she wants and what she wants is a barn wedding. We are set to go preview the venue next week Friday even though the wedding is a year away. I am very excited for her however I have a few concerns about the venue that we will see. The wedding will take place at the end of September and you never know what the weather might bring. Because it is a barn and it definitely isn’t going to be air-conditioned. I am hoping that they have perhaps large fans that can circulate the air in the event that it gets very warm. My other concern shall be keeping our guest warm as the sun goes down in this cool night air. I will be sure to ask them what type of portable heating units that they have in the event that it gets cold. They also have a small house along with the property that we can use before the event to get ready to have her wed. I am hoping that when we arrived and look for the site at least the house has air conditioning. We are very excited on her behalf and hope that her day goes as well as her sisters did. Weddings are fun although expensive yet it is so worth it when it goes well. Let the preparations begin, again.

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What’s wrong with this air conditioner?

Since it is towards the end of the summer, I like to get in the last few times I can mow my lawn. The grass has gotten really long and I had the intention that day of cutting it. When I looked next house my neighbor was doing exactly the same thing. My neighbor likes to imitate and always tries to be my competition. I have always loved to garden and landscape. I actually went and started my mower. Not even 2 minutes later I looked over at my neighbor and she was doing the exact same. When I mow try to make sure that my lines in the lawn are usually in sync and that I do not get any grass clippings in my air conditioning condensing unit. I tried to not do the same as well to my neighbors air conditioning product too. Since we live in a housing development the many houses are right on top of each other and there is very limited amount of space in between the house and my neighbor’s house. Once I was done, I went and put the mower away and wanted to do some more gardening things. When I went around sideways of the house I was some upset to find that there was a plethora of grass clippings on my air condensing machine. I didn’t even bother confronting my neighbor because I knew it was subsequently her. I went and grabbed my hose and rinsed the air condensing unit off. My HVAC technician has told me to ensure that the outside air condensing unit is free of anything within several feet of it.

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